3M™ Disposable Earplugs, Orange, 92800H80-DC, 80 Pairs Per Pack

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Introducing 3M™ Disposable Earplugs, Orange, 92800H80-DC, the ultimate solution for all your hearing protection needs. These high-quality earplugs are designed to provide a comfortable and effective noise reduction experience, allowing you to focus and concentrate in even the loudest environments.

Each pack contains 80 pairs of disposable earplugs, ensuring that you always have a supply on hand. The bright orange color makes them easy to spot and retrieve, while the soft foam material ensures a snug and secure fit in your ears.

Whether you’re working in a noisy office, a bustling construction site, or simply need a little peace and quiet, 3M™ Disposable Earplugs are the perfect choice. Don’t let noise distract you from your tasks – protect your ears with 3M™ Disposable Earplugs and enjoy a quieter, more focused environment.,


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